Edinburgh’s move towards electric vehicles

Edinburgh’s move towards electric vehicles

Only a few years back and many would never have believed they would be driving an electric vehicle (let alone multiple electric vehicles) in 2018 – but today electric cars have a proper slice of the new car market and companies such as Tesla (for better or for worse) are in the headlines every week.

As electric cars enter the mainstream, companies will endeavour to create more efficient methods of powering the vehicles as it will become more worth their while. Companies will be enticed not only by the fact that the market for electric charging stations and other eco-friendly energy sources is increasing but also by the generous tax reliefs offered by the government at the moment (more info in my previous post).

Edinburgh, Scotland, has decided to capitalise on this opportunity by introducing more than 200 electric charging points to the capital. As running out of charge seems to be one of the biggest worries for potential buyers of electric vehicles this will surely remove some of those fears meaning Edinburgh will continue to become a greener city. If other major cities across the UK follow suit and prices of electric vehicles continue to fall, soon it will become a commercial decision to go electric not just an environmental one.

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